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Tanzania Union of Industrial and Commercial Workers (TUICO) is soliciting proposals for a comprehensive computerized accounting software based on an appropriate version of QuickBooks with possible supporting software to replace the existing manual accounting system at the Union’s accounts department. Any eventual solution supplied must NOT ONLY meet the requirements set forth in this Request For Proposal, but MUST also be flexible and scalable to meet the Union’s future business and technology needs.

Background Information

Tanzania Union of Industrial and Commercial Workers (TUICO) is a democratic workers’ Union currently operating in an environment dominated by the free market economy. The Union organizes members from Industries, Commerce, Financial Institutions, Services and Consultancy and Informal Sector.

TUICO is composed of four (4) main Sectors namely Industrial; Commercial; Financial Institutions; and Service and Consultancy and has four (4) departments namely Finance and Administration; Education and Organizing Women; Human Resource and Administration; Youth, Disabled, Occupational, Health and Safety. The sections under such sectors and departments are Internal Audit; Legal Affairs; Organizing and Youth; and Research and Statistics.

The Accounting Unit falls under the Finance Department and is responsible for managing accounts receivable, accounts payable and revenue tracking, payroll, reporting and financial statements, financial controls.

Working with FNV, TUICO wishes to enhance its accounting processes from the current level of semi-automated environment to an enhanced semi-automated accounting system using QuickBooks as the core software. In meeting this need, TUICO wishes to engage a firm to propose the appropriate QuickBooks software, supply, install, train and support the accounting unit staff in using the software including implementing a smooth but efficient transition from the current level of semi-automated to an enhanced level of semi-automated accounting system at TUICO headquarters in Dar es salaam, Tanzania.
Objective of the assignment

The purpose for this assignment is to supply an efficient and effective accounting software proven to work in organizations similar to a trade union’s business, install the software, train users of the software and support TUICO staff including accounting staff, personnel officers and IT staff in configuring the accounting software.
Scope of the assignment
The assignment comprises supply, installation, training and support of the accounting software in view of performance of TUICO accounting unit in the following areas;
• Accounts Receivable: improve the accounts receivable by maintaining accurate member data by a centralised master data process to ensure the accuracy of member accounts and information, establishing a clear and concise credit approval process using the software, establish an effective billing and collection process of all accounts receivable.

• Accounts Payable: improve the accounts payable by making recording invoices in the books of accounts and scheduling for invoice payment by keeping track of bill due dates using the software.

• Revenue Tracking: improve revenue tracking by configuring the software to produce daily reports on revenue collected showing a dashboard with quick statistics of collection targets against actual collections.

• Financial Statements: improve preparation of financial statements like profit and loss and statement for financial position ensuring these are seamlessly generated whenever required.

• Payroll: improve preparation of the payroll by ensuring there are no delays in preparing payrolls, tax and other statutory filing of returns, update of tax codes and tax information in accordance with laws, rules, regulations and TUICO financial manual. The software should also manage staff advances, staff loans, salary increments and staff basic (statutory) particulars.

• Reporting: improve TUICO reporting by ensuring the software has the ability to produce custom-made reports intended for specific purposes within and outside the Union, detailed analyses of collections by region, sector and nationwide, income statements, statements of financial position and statements of cash flows.

Parameters for the accounting software

The QuickBooks software to be supplied and installed together with a payroll software (and any other ancillary software or configuration) must be capable of performing all basic accounting tasks, issue standard periodic reports, carry out tax computation, prepare tax returns ready for filing and provide multi user access level. Specific parameters for this software are:

• Networked software: the required accounting software must have the ability for networking to be accessed from various offices and interface with internal networks that run principally on windows. Ability to interface with other operating systems will be an added advantage.
• Support for Multi-currency: the required software must accept multi-currency setting in the books of accounts.
• Support for specially tailored reports: the required system should have the ability to produce specially tailored reports to the management including internal auditors and the General Secretary without the need for intervention from the accounting staff.
• Propensity to interface with other devices: the required software should have the ability to interface with other devices like bar code readers, biometric scanners, thermal printers and others as need may arise.
• Propensity to integrate with other software: the software should also have standard application programming interfaces to interface with banking institutions, among others.

Deliverables of the assignment
In meeting these requirements, the supplier/consultant shall;
• Supply the accounting software and license: the supplier/consultant will supply the accounting software for the current demand of 8 computers. If the quotation is in ranges, the range has to be of a maximum of 10 computers.

• Install the software: the consultant will install the software to 8 computers at TUICO head office and configure one server for the accounting software and ensure participation of key personnel to afford continuity in future.

• Configure the software: the consultant will configure the software to the operational chart of accounts of the organization such that reporting for key stakeholders is possible, reporting along classes (regional offices) and tracking of various expenses including taxes is possible for fiscal devices along the lines of TUICO business.

• Train key personnel: the supplier/consultant will train a team of up to 10 key personnel on the setup, configuring and using the software.

• Provide comprehensive support: the supplier/consultant will offer comprehensive support services for the installed software for at least 1 year on all software problems. This will include data recovery services should computers get corrupt with a resulting loss of data.
• Assignment Report: the supplier/consultant will provide a detailed report of the assignment detailing each activity upon completion of the assignment. The report will indicate desirable next stages in ensuring effective and efficient utilisation of the software. There is no set format or limit. TUICO would wish to ensure good value for money for the investment and for this a professional opinion would be valuable.

The supply, installation and training process is expected to commence on 1st June, 2019 and be finalised by 30th July, 2019. A draft report on this process should be ready for presentation by 25th July, 2019. Backstopping contract(s) to accompany the accounts staff will thus commence on 1st August 2019 for a year or as shall be agreed upon.
TUICO shall provide all relevant documents prior to the assignment’s commencement. These will include chart of accounts, financial regulations, salary structure and any other required document by the supplier. TUICO will also provide internet connectivity (when needed) and all required equipment for running the software including computers and other devices. These requirements should be included in the quotation by the supplier so that TUICO is prepared in good time.
Criteria for Selection
The selection of the successful bidder will be based on the quality of the firm/consultant/supplier experience, the (brief) technical proposal, the qualifications of the personnel (include CVs in your submission), and the cost-effectiveness of the proposed budget for the activity. A detailed budget will be proposed by the bidder though the final budget will be determined through negotiations with the successful bigger.

Note: Any supplier/consultant/employee currently on contract for TUICO MUST write a conflict of interest letter addressing the areas of conflict for this assignment short of which TUICO reserves the right to nullify such submission without consulting the bidder.

Criteria Score
Firm’s Experience 30 Points
Approach and Methodology 40 Points
Key Personnel 20 Points
Budget 10 Points
Total 100 Points

How to Apply
Bidders must submit their proposals in a zipped folder of not more than 2 MB through mail at containing the following basic information:
• Expression of Interest explaining who you are, why you should be considered for carrying out this assignment, core experiences with like organisations (at least 5 references), your proposed approach and the CV’s of key personnel. Additional information could be indicated by way of a reference to an updated website(s) to be given by the bidder in order to keep the proposal short and relevant to the assignment at hand. TUICO shall have the option of referring to such website(s) or not.
• Organization’s profile (if applying as a firm) including proof of registration by relevant authorities that shall include TIN certificate from the TRA, Registration with BRELA and a valid business licence.
• Rationale for the proposed QuickBooks Version and accompanying software or supporting architecture.
• Draft plan including number of days within which to accomplish the assignment in order to submit a completion report.
• A financial proposal detailing the cost of undertaking this assignment clearly indicating basis of costs such as professional fees, number of work days and software licenses. The total cost must be VAT inclusive.

KINDLY NOTE: Individual consultants or vendors shall not be considered. Registered competent sole proprietorships may however be considered.

Applications must reach TUICO on or before closure of business on 30th May, 2019. If you have enquiries please send an email to
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