Department of finance is one of the Departments of the Union has been engaged in issues regarding finances.


    The Department of finance is concerned with three main Responsibilities of the Union that are;

    1. Managing the Union together and to ensure that all collections of Union fees from their members are collected on time and properly stored in the accounts of the Union, oversee the implementation of the strategic plan the Union that all the Regions collects Fees as assigned in the estimated budget of the Union, maintain a record of all documents of the Union relating to the income of the Union and into the record books of the Union.

    2. manage the use of this Union is to ensure that all Union expenditures are made to the Headquarters and all regions are spending budget was adopted by the General Congress and Executive Committee for every year, To Maintain a record of all documents concerning the use of the Union and on the respective books.

    3. Management and maintenance of the property of the Union to the Department of finance is responsible also for manage and direct any property of the Union, such as cars, buildings, and Office machines.