The Economic and Statistical Unit/Section is the one among four units of the Union, other units are legal, Internal Audit and Organising and Youth.The Major functions of the Unit includes:-


    1. Collection, compilation, organisation, analysing and even interpretation of different statistical data that relating to Union`s activities from all 22 TUICO Regional offices and Headquarters. These data are of Union Core activities such as dues collections, member’s recruitment, meetings, visits, seminars, CBA, field branches formed, negotiations committee, OHS committees and Women committee. The analysed and interpreted data are then used by the office of General Secretary to prepare reports for Executive Committee which sits twice a year and General Council which sits once a year.

    2. Monitoring and collection of rental income from Union owned buildings, monitoring and supervision of all payments and costs relating to Union buildings such as land rent, property taxes, rehabilitation and innovation of Union`s offices.

    3. Searching of economic information from different sources including digital and consult office of the General Secretary on the economic issues depending on economic indicators such as inflation, exchange rates, employment and the like.

    4. The Unit is also used as a Union electronic library that all data of core Union`s activities in the form of soft copies are stored there for references and future use